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Standards of Use of the MC Library

The Montgomery College Library is committed to providing students, employees, and community users with quality service and an educational setting that is conducive to study and research. In our unique instructional learning environment, we offer a facility with appropriate technology, resources, staffing, and a variety of study environments in support of curricular and educational pursuits.  

Personal Conduct

In support of our mission, we ask that users conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the rights and needs of all library users. Each library user should expect:

  • access to technology for the purpose of study or research
  • books, newspapers, magazines, and other resource materials that are not damaged
  • a litter-free facility
  • an environment free of disruptive behavior or harassment

Online users will adhere to a standard of behavior equal to what is expected in our physical libraries. Any form of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of MC Library employees through electronic communications may result in immediate termination of access to all online library services pending review by library administration, the Information Technology Policy Administrator, and the Behavioral Intervention Team. 

By approval of its Board of Trustees, Montgomery College Policies provide specific direction on the use of its facilities and resources and the general behavior that is expected of its community users. These policies are universal and apply to all College campuses and learning facilities. Specific policies that apply to the use of the library include but are not limited to:

Policy violations may result in disciplinary action as outlined in each of the specified policies.