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Tutorials and Quizzes for Students

This page is intended for MC students.
If you are a faculty or staff member, please visit our Tutorials, Videos, and Quizzes for Faculty page.

Montgomery College Library offers online tutorials and quizzes on a wide variety of topics. They are designed for learning at your own pace at convenient and flexible times. The quizzes will help you measure your progress and understanding. We also offer additional videos, tutorials and quizzes that your professors may have embedded in your Blackboard courses.  Be sure to check your Blackboard course pages to make sure you are not missing anything.

If your professor assigned the tutorial and quiz to be taken from the library website, be sure to include their email address when you complete the quiz.

Faculty: Visit our Library Tutorials, Videos, and Quizzes page to discover the library's information literacy learning objects and how they can support your instruction.

Academic Integrity and Citing Sources Tutorials

Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

Discusses what academic integrity is. Provides strategies for using sources well, to avoid plagiarism. (With quiz.)

Take the Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz
APA Citations (7th ed., 2019)

Introduces the guidelines for creating APA citations for your Reference list, with some explanation of in-text citations. This tutorial and quiz are based on APA 7th edition, released in fall 2019. (With quiz.)

Take the APA Citations Tutorial and Quiz
MLA Citations (Works Cited List)

Introduces the guidelines for creating MLA citations for your Works Cited List, with some explanation of in-text citations.  (With quiz).

Take the MLA Citations (Works Cited List) Tutorial and Quiz
MLA Citations (In-Text Citations – Video)

Brief video that reviews guidelines for creating in-text citations in the MLA style. (No quiz.) This video contains audio. A transcript is provided.

View the MLA Citations (In-Text Citations) Video

Doing Research Tutorials

Begin Your Research

Describes the basic steps needed to get organized for a research assignment: understanding the assignment, choosing a topic, developing a search strategy, selecting relevant sources, and citing sources. (With quiz.)

Take the Begin Your Research Tutorial and Quiz
Evaluating Information

Discusses various criteria for evaluating information from different kinds of sources. Explains how to access different kinds of sources. (With quiz.)

Take the Evaluating Information Tutorial and Quiz
RaptorSearch: Find Books, Articles, & More

Explains how to use RaptorSearch to find books, e-books, articles, streaming videos, and more. (With quiz.)

Take the RaptorSearch Tutorial and Quiz
Primary Sources

Describes the characteristics of primary sources, and how to use them for research. (With quiz.)

Take the Primary Sources Tutorial and Quiz