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Food and Drink Guidelines

Montgomery College Library users may consume food in a manner that maintains a clean, safe, and pleasant environment and minimizes the risk of damage to library books, equipment, and other property. 

Open containers of liquids are not permitted in the library. Containers that are spill proof (bottles with screw-closed tops, travel containers in the closed position) are permitted in the library.

Foods that are noisy, messy, and strong-smelling are prohibited. Library employees may ask that such foods be removed from the library.

  • Examples of permitted snack food include: candy, fruit, chips, cookies, and granola bars.
  • Examples of food not allowed in the library include: burritos, pizza, hamburgers, soup, fries, ice cream, and salads.

No food may be delivered to the library.

Please discard all wrappers and empty containers, clean up after yourself, and report any spills to library employees.